Anthology revision booklet

Pick out words or phrases to support your answer. At Oxford Open Learning we aim to give our students plenty of support at this busy time.

How does this affect your feelings towards the woman. Why does she feel that people might like to see her broken. When she heard of your second marriage, she soaked her clothes in kerosene and set fire to them.

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Each year after the harvest, Guleri spends a few days over harvest festival visiting her family in Chamba. How upset do you think the poet is by the loss of his brother. The court agrees that the two probably had a sexual relationship. Settings can also have symbolic associations: He then learns that Guleri is dead; learning of his bride, she soaked herself in kerosene and set herself alight.

I was proud to say that car belonged to my family. Explain briefly, in your own words, what happens in the poem. Veronica is set in Nigeria, a country with a troubled political history. This was a particular issue in the Southern states, where centuries of slave ownership had made white people see blacks as second class citizens.

The court dismisses the case on the grounds that there was no evidence the child was Paulus. Her revenge complete, she returns to Corsica and sleeps well at last. Show how the two poets see themselves in relation to their ancestors. Refer in detail to the poets ideas and the language they use.

Onomatopoeia A figure of speech in which words are used to imitate sounds. Pick out a metaphor and a simile from the poem and explain how they affect the reader. How does the poet see himself in relation to his ancestors.

Lynchings and beatings were a danger, as was the Ku Klux Klan, a racist organisation that believed in white supremacy.

Anthology Revision Booklet

What is the place, time and year in the poem. Imagery The use of pictures, figures of speech and description to evoke ideas feelings, objects actions, states of mind etc. Examine how the poets use the element of surprise in their poems. If anyone else would like a copy, just click here: Why does she choose not to die her hair red.

Okeke tries to help but she longs to die, her final wish to see Okeke again granted. GCSE English Literature - Poetry Revision Verulam School English Faculty Page 2 Preparing for Unit 2 Section A: Conflict Poetry You have studied 15 conflict poems from the Anthology.

There will be a. AQA GCSE Poetry: Love and Relationships.

Anthology poetry for WJEC Eduqas (2015 onwards)

Brilliant for revision - a real aid in exam preparation; Anthology revision booklet of our Love and Relationships Poetry Anthology Series. Our mission is to produce tutorials that not only enhance learning through the power of audio but also to make them fun and engaging.

Exactly aligned to the curriculum, they. At Outwood Academy Newbold, students study a range of texts for English Literature, including poetry, drama and prose. For English Language, we develop close reading and analysis skills and learn to write for a range of audiences and purposes.

SPAG-Booklet-Revision; Y11 Anthology Reminders; Y11 Anthology Guide; Y11 Key. Retake Revision booklet The Anthology Contents SECTION ONE – Short Stories 2 – Country Lovers 3 – Veronica 4 – The Schoolteacher’s Guest 5 – The Gold Cadillac 6 – A Stench of Kerosene 7 – Vendetta 8 – Key points for Short Story Essays SECTIO N TWO – Poetry 9 – Miracle on St David’s Day and Death of a Naturalist 10 – The Barn and Follower 11 – Digging and.

This printable resource includes copies of all poems in the anthology along with glossaries, explanations of contexts and visual stimuli.

There is also a list of key poetic terms along with explanations and examples/5(40). Your browser is not supported.

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Anthology poetry for WJEC Eduqas (2015 onwards)

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Anthology revision booklet
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