Lathe characteristics

Always lock the carriage down to the bed. Materials that are machined dry, without coolant, require a slower cutting speed than operations using coolant. Check the taper in the same manner as cutting the taper by allowing for backlash and moving the dial indicator along the test bar from the tailstock end of the head stock end.

The spring machine collet and collet attachment together form the collet chuck. If center holes must be located and drilled into the end of a workpiece for turning lay out and center-punch the workpiece using other methods. Angle of the thread is the angle formed by the intersection of the two sides of the threaded groove.

Carbide tool bits must be ground on a silicon carbide grinding wheel to remove the very hard metal. Before grinding, shaping, or sharpening a high-speed steel tool bit, inspect the entire grinder for a safe setup and adjust the tool rests and guards as needed for tool bit grinding Figure A violation of either of these factors will result in a poorly formed, inaccurate taper or damage to the tool and workpiece.

Backlash must be removed when tapers are being bored with the taper attachment, otherwise the hole will be bored straight for a distance before the taper starts.

These tool bits are used for turning, facing, boring and other lathe operations. Which machine to use depends on the size of the pipe, production speed, cutting effect, accuracy requirements, etc. Major diameter is the largest diameter of a screw thread. Therefore, mineral oils or lard oils which can be mixed with water are often used to form a cutting oil.

This specification was originally developed for the glass mold industry where a fine grain structure and superior machining finish are required. All of the leaves fold up into the handle to protect them from bending or cutting you.

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Verify typical CNC lathe applications. If you do the ends of your board first and then the sides the tear out will usually be eliminated by the side routing. Know where the emergency stop is before operating the lathe.

The work is usually held in a collet, but high-precision 3 and 6-jaw chucks are also commonly employed. To remove the center from the headstock spindle, hold the pointed end with a cloth or rag in one hand and give the center a sharp tap with a rod or knockout bar inserted through the hollow headstock spindle.

The 20 designates the major diameter in millimeters. Clamp the tailstock to the lathe bed.

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The hole in the nose of the spindle usually has a standard Morse taper which varies with the size of the lathe. If the angle of the taper is not given, use the following formula to determine the amount of the guide bar set over: It should be unclamped from the ways before any lateral adjustments are made, as this will allow the tailstock to be moved freely and prevent damage to the lateral adjustment screws.

Generally, cutting fluids should only be used if the speed or cutting action requires the use of cutting fluids. This tool bit has the principal cutting edge at the squared end of the bit that is advanced at a right angle into the workpiece. The carriage includes the apron, saddle, compound rest, cross slide, tool post, and the cutting tool.

Lathe tool bit shapes can be pointed, rounded, squared off, or irregular in shape and still cut quite well as long as the tool bit angles are properly ground for the type of material being machined. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The pitch diameter can be found by subtracting the wire constant from the measured distance over the wires.

The universal scroll chuck can be used to hold and automatically center round or hexagonal workpieces. Lathe centers, are the most common devices for supporting workpieces in the lathe. Instructions how to use a lathe for metalworking, from American Machine Tools Company.

Includes charts, explanations and diagrams. * * Lathe Bit Sharpening. Last Modified: Click to Enlarge. I read "Design and Use of Cutting Tools" by Leo St. Clair and was impressed by his clear description of cutting angles and what they do in single point cutting Clair worked in industry optimizing design and use of lathe bits during the transition from HSS to carbide so he covers both areas well.

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Lathe characteristics
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