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I give blanket permission to podfic, remix, fanart, or otherwise non-commercially re-use any of my fic for any fannish purposes. Answered "Ask me first, for each story. There is another human in his final semester of college who actually lives here. The sheriff just shakes his head. I give blanket permission for all transformative works based on my works, including translations, podfic, and remixes.


Please consider this blanket permission for audiofic, art, remixes, whatever. Please don't repost the complete text of one of my fics in another archive. You rubykatewriting ao3 fanfiction put Harry Potter characters in Star Wars.

Blanket Permission to Podfic

You can find them all at the AO3. What if Kylo killed this guy instead of that guy. Would love to hear my stuff read if it ever gets done haha " [] Aurys "I think transformative work is a cool thing and an honor. He shifts back and forth on his feet and tries to psych himself up. As well as my co-authored fic with cindyloohoo ff.

I use this for all my long form fanfiction reading. Derek would have noticed if it was this bad before. That his wolf is pleased.

Unpacking the unofficial fanfiction census

Creepypasta is very popular there so if you are writing Creepypasta fanfiction, this is the place to be. If you do, please credit me and drop me a link because I'd love to listen. The only thing I ask is that you credit me for the work it was based on and that you link me to whatever you make, cos I'll be freaking excited to see it: And that glare…well, that glare had been moving mountains and parting seas even before the addition of the nearly sub-sonic growl in the back of her throat.

The Ultimate Guide To Fanfiction and Fanfiction Sites

If you like what you see, most of the fics there are probably exactly what you want. D" [23] ahab "Blanket permission given. As ofArchive of Our Own hosted over three million works in over 24, fandoms.

Archive of Our Own

Netwhich disallows numerous types of stories including any that repurpose characters originally created by authors who disapprove of fanfiction. Originally posted on tumblr for the prompt: Please link me if you make something so I can check it out and tell everyone to do so as well.

NEVER forgiving you for this fandom. I prefer that transformative works of my transformative works be done for love, not money.

At that time, the site hosted works representing 14, fandoms, the largest of which were the Marvel universeSupernaturalSherlockand Harry Potter. Summary: Kink meme fill in which every werewolf and shapeshifter in Beacon Hills is aware that Stiles is pregnant before he is.

And apparently the first baby!werewolf being born into the pack (their Alpha's, no less) is a big freakin' deal and excuse enough for everyone to lose their damn minds.

Slash Fanfic Recs home message theme Pairing List My Fics Poledance Primarily M/M fanfiction recommendations of multiple fandoms including Avengers, MCU, XMFC, Inception, Merlin, Teen Wolf, James Bond and Pacific Rim. A fan-created, fan-run, non-profit, non-commercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic.

more than fandoms | users | works. The Archive of Our Own is a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Tumblr user destinationtoast sifted through Archive of Our Own for some stats on—and projections for—fanfiction in Celebrating AO3-land on Reddit!

This subreddit is dedicated to the website (AO3).AO3 is a database project of Organization for Transformative Works that hosts fanworks (fanfiction, podfics, fanart, etc).Subscribers: Could have, Whould have, Should have.

read it on the AO3 at by Jammelz. Darren and Chris were in love. Then the .

Rubykatewriting ao3 fanfiction
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