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A decreasing number indicates higher efficiency in use of resources; an increasing number suggests potential cash flow problems due to greater sums tied up in inventory. Should Koh approve the investment. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at admin mbacasestudysolutions.

Assess the current financial health and recent financial performance of the company. In case you experience difficulties with writing a well structured and accurately composed paper on Star River Electronics LTD.

This is because they cannot go on increasing debt financing at the cost of high default risk and face bankruptcy. Payable to COGS The ratio analysis of Star River shows that they have been able to decrease their payables account, meaning they are paying more of their obligations at the current time.

Star River Electronics Ltd. Essay

It is unlikely the firm would recover unless inventories are reduced, especially in the context of weakened demand for CD-ROMs and the associated risk of having to deeply discount or even write them off.

The Excel file contains the work behind the solution. The company needs an infusion of capital in order to maintain the actual growth rate. Choose Type of service. Star River seems to have problems collecting payments from its customers. A common metric investors use to evaluate the ability of a company to service its debt is the interest coverage ratio or times interest earned.

The Days in Accounts Receivable Ratio shows that they are having problems collecting on their receivables.

The new machine will also provide enough capacity to cover all the packaging needs in the foreseeable future. We discounted the appropriate cash flows to the current time and compare the two outcomes.

However, the timing for the purchase should be evaluated based on a comparative analysis. Star rivers asset turnover has been decent over the years.

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Growth rate is examined below in Table 4. The inventory turnover ratio reflects a declining trend from 1. Star River should provide more efforts in collecting some of its bills, and use the cash to pay off some of its short-term debts, thus helping to lower its interest expenses.

In the mid s, multimedia products created a high demand for CD-ROMs, allowing manufacturing companies of all sizes to enter the market. Can the firm repay its loan within a reasonable period.

Once we have the unlevered average industry beta, then we used the risk free rate of. The inability to turnover its inventory is contributing to the company becoming less liquid, utilizing their assets less efficiently, compressing their profitability margins, and increasing debt.

In calculating our WACC, we took a weighted cost of our short-term debt and long-term debt to determine the appropriate borrowing rate. The next request was to come up with reasonable forecasts of book value Return on Equity and Return on Assets. Historical performance of Star River Electronics Ltd.

The old machine not only has a high maintenance cost but also slows down the whole production process due to its frequent shutdowns for repairs, and forces Star River to use its employees in over time. It is also clear that the company has not been paying any of its loan principals. It has enjoyed a great deal of success in the past, due in large part to their excellent reputation for producing high-quality discs.

They are taking on too much debt while making large capital expenditures. Star River should provide more efforts in collecting some of its bills, and use the cash to pay off some of its short-term debts, thus helping to lower its interest expenses.

WACC: Since Star River is privately held, determining the WACC requires making certain assumptions. Analysis of similar firms reveals that Wintronics, Inc.

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Learn about the science of energy, the pros and cons of different energy. CAPM WACC While assessing Star River Electronics’ current financial health and recent financial performance, I used many measures of the company’s ability to. Star River Electronics Case Solution Star River Electronics Ltd.

FIN INTRODUCTION Star River Electronics LTD was founded as a joint venture between two companies known as the Starlight Electronics.

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Star river electronics wacc
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