Target market segmentation sony bravia

The author anticipated respondents to have more children. Themes coming from group three were very similar to group two. An excellent example of how geographic data was used by Tesco stores can be found in appendix 2. The author believed there was an explanation for this differing attitude towards purchasing a TV and put it down to the fact that member 3D gave the impression she was of a higher socioeconomic group to the others within the group.

Out of the three focus groups, two were formed from middle class individuals between years and the remaining group were students between years. Themes coming from group three were very similar to group two. In difficult times companies cannot just discount market segmentation but recognise the changes and react and capitalise on opportunities within the market, before their competitors do.

The author believed this to be a fair representation of the population. Sony should see the current condition of the economy as an advantage as opposed to a burden as they have experience in times of recession where other competitors may not.

And also a lot of Sony customers want to switch their phones for the Apple company phone.

Sony to Target Commercial Customers (SNE)

Furthermore in group three, although discussions about price comparison sites were prompted, member 3D acknowledged that she had never used a price comparison site before.

To review the current literature surrounding the subject of market segmentation.

New Approach: Sony marketing aims at lifestyle segments

Get a free 10 week email series that will teach you how to start investing. Usage rates can also be useful to marketers when conducting a segmentation product. Quantitative Techniques for Business. This group are early adopters of technology and focus on size as the most important factor when purchasing a TV.

Today I want to talk about segmenting market for my product. Also, the quality of segmentation relies quite heavily on how effective the data collection is. It is widely reported that the credit crunch has affected customer spending and organisations such as Sony are feeling the brunt of it.

At the heart of the ranked importance factors were screen size, picture and technology, all having similar cases. Customer driven and organisational integration aspects of a company fit into a matrix used in analysing segmentation archetypes within companies.

The female members 2C and 2D seemed more style driven and was not particularly bothered by the technology on a TV.

Sony Segmentation

Conduct an in-depth analysis, contrast and compare new research with previous research. Similar patterns emerged from the other two groups in reactions to online comparison sites.

Price segment stability in consumer goods categories. Alterations in market-offerings or distribution channels may serve to become rewarding to sales and profits. Student discounts and other associated benefits could be promoted in heavily student oriented locations such as universities.

The TV is not the centre piece of the living room; it needs to fit in with the other furniture. But Sony lost their position on the market. The most remarkable finding being the shift in consumer spends and price sensitivities, Sony can use this enlightening information to re-evaluate what segments are most attractive and accessible and design a more focussed customer driven approach to better serve these segments through tailored product offerings.

This equation can be regarded as an effective framework that can be applied to the demand of products, but it does not seem to take into account that x.

The first character would relate to the group and the second character would relate to the participant. This was a more desirable approach as the maximum amount of time with each respondent was five minutes.

These variables really try to investigate consumer behaviour and data collected can be objective or subjective. The author believes this to be a common characteristic of the female consumer who generally tends to care about aesthetics more than the average male consumer. Students and the unemployed are likely to be contained within the category.

We will write a custom essay sample on Sony Segmentation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Similarly, the attributes of customers can also change depending on the country and any assumptions that the segmentation will be the same globally will be false.

Question six provided the author with some continuous data. How our adolescent children influence us as parents to yield to their purchase requests.

A total of cases would be collected from the two locations; 50 from the Guildford store and 50 from the New Malden store. He also quoted that he likes to shop in Sony Centres as opposed to Currys or Comet because he finds he knows more about TV technology than the shop floor staff.

Quantitative Methods for Business. This could have implications on their marketing strategy. By following this procedure companies can reliably develop products, communicate effectively and position concepts to focus on particular target segments. Delivered twice a week, straight to your inbox.

The product that demonstrates this leadership is Sony’s new BRAVIA XBR9 series televisions. Major Features: Ethernet connection that gives the largest selections of free and premium movies, TV shows, and sports out there.

Sony Segmentation

Full HD vibrant screen. Sony Target Market 1. Demographics. With variations happening in the physical build up of segments, their attitudes and behaviours, Sony must be proactive in recognising these changes and adapt their strategies and communications to better serve their target segments.

0 Conclusion The validity and reliability of Sony’s market segmentation research has been tested rigorously.

Segmentation and Target Market The company has determined Marlboro target market based on a multi-attribute segmentation model.

The pattern of segmentation selected is homogenous segmentation based on the belief that all consumers of Marlboro have similar preferences on the dimensions of. Nov 23,  · Ø There are four types of market. Demographic, behavioristic, psychographic, geographic segmentations.

Sony aims on psychographic and demographic variables. The psychographic segmentation is one which uses people lifestyle, activities, interests, personal attributes and motives.

Difference B/w Target Marketing and Market Targeting Target Marketing calls for 3 steps Market Segmentation Market Targeting Product Positioning.

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Target market segmentation sony bravia
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